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Blueberry Health specialises in the development of effective and innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

We specialise in bed management systems as well as the technology to manage patient traffic around the hospital, from admission to discharge.

Our bed management systems are designed to help hospitals manage patient flow by providing real-time information to bed managers, ward staff and doctors - so improving staff efficiency and helping hospitals meet performance targets.

We work closely with clinicians and healthcare professionals to ensure that the product that is delivered meets requirements and actively enhances the patient journey in real terms.

We partner with NHS organisations and suppliers to create leading-edge software which improves patient care.

  • Our products are bespoke and designed to improve the patient journey from admission to discharge.
  • We have detailed knowledge of technical healthcare standards, such as HL7, ICD-10, DMD, and we have implemented systems which integrate with PAS.
  • We have created solutions which are hosted within the NHS N3 network and can integrate with nhs.net e-mail systems.
  • Our technical expertise includes leading mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Android, and we are actively creating mobile apps for healthcare applications.

Blueberry Health believes in working in partnership with our clients to deliver innovation in the sector. Together, we can create intelligent solutions to meet your needs.

We Know Software

Blueberry is a dynamic software development company based in the Midlands and operating throughout the UK. Founded in 1997, our exceptionally deep knowledge of bespoke software development means we've never had a project fail.

Whether you need a standalone Windows application, Web application, custom database,

Mobile Technology

cross-platform development, or the creation of a new software-based service, Blueberry can help with free impartial advice and a detailed project quote.

We also have a range of I.T. Consultancy and Specialist Services to help you make those important decisions, based on informed, well-focused technical analysis.

If you have a software project that's progressing too slowly, or needs management, our consultants will help you get it back on track.

Dedicated to Delivering Real Results


Blueberry Health helps hospitals and health organisations make use of technology to manage information and thereby improve patient care - from product development and project management to final implementation. We're also flexible enough to take on a range of healthcare projects - from small consultancy projects to large software systems for NHS Trusts.

For over a decade we've been using our rare combination of technical skills and business experience to create bespoke software solutions that really work – quickly and within budget.

It's a difference our clients appreciate.

If you need bespoke software or technical advice, download our brochure, or call Martin Green for an impartial chat on 0121 285 0100, or email martin.green@blueberry-health.co.uk

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The Blueberry In-Patient Management System (BIMS) is a simple Web-based application to help ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a hospital. BIMS makes the daily process of patient and bed management easier, improves staff efficiency by saving time and helps management meet hospital performance targets.


Bed Management Brochure

"Blueberry has a track record, built over ten years, of delivering high-quality software systems that deliver real results."

Martin Green, MD, Blueberry Health


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