Connecting Families With Their Isolated Elderly Loved Ones

Research shows that ageing parents living alone have a better quality of life with greater family interaction.

Sometimes elderly parents can’t use laptops, tablets or smartphones. Sometimes, phone calls just aren’t enough. Introducing Amba – a new solution…

Developed over two years, Amba’s intuitive, non-technical interface brings all the benefits of modern telecommunications to the older, non-technical generations, enhancing communication with family, friends and their carers (the Care Network).

The interactive calendar, which can be remotely updated by selected Care Network Members, helps Users to be more organised, and features such as the clearly displayed date, day and time help orientate the User.

The comfort and reassurance Amba brings reduces the stress of having to travel miles to see family when at the touch of button you can be instantly in touch with them.

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“Now that the patient management system has been operational for some time at the Lister and QEII hospitals, the benefits are really starting to emerge. In fact, the staff who originally resisted the system now threaten death if it goes offline!"
Teri-ann Grange I.T. Projects Manager East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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